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Electronic - single issue

Empower 175 Homeless and Low-income people in Vancouver and Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic

Please note: This magazine purchase is not tax-deductible.

Just like our magazine, an online purchase is $2. If you choose a higher cover price we will treat it as a vendor tip. 

You can credit this purchase to a vendor of your choice*.

Otherwise, your purchase will be distributed fairly to active vendors.

* After you receive the confirmation email, reply to the email with the name of your vendor and we will give the income from the sale directly to that vendor. 

Remember to include your email on the following page to allow us to send you an email containing the link to the pdf version of our latest issue. Enjoy Megaphone in the comfort of your home!

Thank you for considering a digital purchase of the latest issue of Megaphone magazine. By purchasing online, you are supporting Megaphone vendors and our organizational operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We really appreciate your support.

Who's donating: from Vancouver, BRIT. COLUMBIA, Canada donated. Thank you!
312 Main St
Vancouver, BC
V6A 2T2